City of Wädenswil

The City of Wädenswil is a TYDAC customer since 2001. The utilities departments of the city, such as sewage, water supply, and gas, use exclusively a web-based GIS, which meets all their requirements. In addition, the system enables external partners to access specific data they need for their daily work. Of course, it is complemented with a public appearance. The entire application is managed by TYDAC as hosting.

Felice Vaglio, Head of Surveying and GIS:

TYDAC is an amazing partner, open to new customer wishes and ideas, innovative, and always proposing smart solutions. The company has only 6 employees (and many customers), a clear proof that efficiency and "straightforwardness" is practiced and lived. This would be impossible without the necessary expertise. TYDAC team: go on like that!


The city uses a variety of components to cover the needs of users:


Currently a total of 40 layers are published on the intranet of the city, among others:

Desktop, Mobile, Intranet, Internet

No matter if at the office, at home, or on the way. For the intranet, extranet, or the public.